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Tom Cain, Attorney at Law, P.C. prides himself on providing residents in Lawrenceville, Buford, Duluth, Gwinnett County and North East Georgia with aggressive, determined representation in cases involving criminal defense, probate and wills, family law, personal injury, and commercial and civil litigation. With over 30 years’ experience, attorney Tom Cain is the attorney you need in your corner.

Two vehicles involved in an auto accident

Personal Injury

Although mishaps and accidents are fairly common, this hardly mitigates the pain and suffering that often results when a personal injury happens to you or a loved one, particularly when that injury results from another’s negligence and/or misconduct. In these cases, the injured party should not have to foot the bill of costly medical expenses that resulted. There are numerous steps you can take when protecting your legal rights following a car, truck, or railroad accident or injury — call attorney Tom Cain now to learn more.

Mother watching daughter play on a smartphone

Family Law

Family law issues are often the most emotionally draining and tension-filled disputes a person can face. If you are currently struggling with a divorce, you need a family law attorney who will defend your interests and diligently pursue your legal rights in the areas of child custody and support, visitation, alimony, and the equitable division of property and assets. Don’t gamble with the most precious aspects of your life — call our firm today.

Older couple discussing estate planning options with their attorney

Wills & Probate

When a serious estate issue arises, an experienced probate attorney is crucial in securing the future you and your family deserve. More often than you might assume, one of the heirs to the estate of a parent or grandparent has attempted to remove assets from the estate before the elderly relative has died. Attorney Tom Cain has the experience and skill set necessary to ensure your assets are protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes.


Commercial & Civil Litigation

Commercial and civil litigation are challenging fields of legal practice that require an attorney with a firm grasp of not only applicable law and procedure(s), but also a high degree of self-assurance and courtroom experience. Attorney Tom Cain understands what each side must demonstrate in these matters, and he devises strategies that assure his clients’ legal interests are both protected and advanced.

Young man in handcuffs

Criminal Defense

There’s no way around it — facing a criminal charge is a matter of utmost seriousness and needs to be addressed as such. If you are currently facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal trial attorney familiar with Georgia’s judicial system on your side. Criminal defense attorney Tom Cain has been representing clients charged with serious crimes for more than 30 years, often litigating cases involving investigations, appeals, sentencing and/or post-trial issues.

The Help You Deserve

With more than 30 years’ experience, attorney Tom Cain knows what it takes to help you and your family secure the future you deserve. Whether your case involves criminal defense, wills, probate, family law, personal injury, or commercial and civil litigation, there is simply no substitute for aggressive, committed counsel.

Tom Cain, Attorney at Law, P.C., has dedicated his professional career to helping residents in Lawrenceville, Buford and Duluth overcome issues involving personal injury, family law, probate, wills, criminal defense, and commercial and civil litigation. Call (770) 963-0289 now to learn more.