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Attorney Tom Cain understands that every American has a Constitutionally-protected right to avoid unreasonable searches and seizures, and that probable cause is necessary for a law enforcement official to obtain a warrant for an individual’s arrest. It is in your best interest to avoid making any statements until you have consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Nursing Home Violations

Old person in wheelchairEvery person has the right to feel safe in her or his nursing home. Unfortunately, a substantial number of nursing homes subject their residents to various forms of abuse, including criminal neglect, theft, physical harm and/or false imprisonment. Elder abuse can occur at the hands of nursing home staff and/or other residents, and while some abuse is obvious (e.g. physical harm), others are less so (e.g. neglect, theft, false imprisonment, etc.).

Additionally, if someone you love is suddenly exhibiting excessive fear and/or apprehension of a particular person or people at their facility, or is suddenly showing signs of depression and/or anger, they may be suffering from verbal abuse or neglect. Likewise, if a loved one has recently made a large withdrawal from their bank account, or has made revisions to her or his will and/or taken out new loans, she or he may be a victim of theft.

Filing a Claim

Elderly citizens and their loved ones may file several types of claims against nursing homes, including actions regarding physical, sexual and/or verbal abuse, false imprisonment and financial exploitation. Since nursing homes are required to provide reasonable care to all of their residents, you may also file a claim on a loved one’s behalf alleging neglect.


Man drinking alcohol with keysIn Georgia, you can get a DUI if you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher within three hours of driving or being in physical control of a moving vehicle, regardless of whether your driving ability was actually impaired. Remember: a DUI conviction will stay on your record for ten years. The state of Georgia also prevents those accused of DUI from pleading a lesser charge, known colloquially as “wet reckless driving.”

Driving Under the Influence: A Costly & Lasting Mistake

First-time offenders are looking at 24 hours in jail and the suspension of their driver’s license for one year. Second-time offenders can expect to spend up to three days in jail and a suspension of their driver’s license for three years. Those with three or more prior offenses will have their DUI tried as a felony, spend up to 15 days in jail and lose their driver’s license for at least five years.

Drug Crimes

In the state of Georgia, drug laws are often broken down into three categories:

  • (1) Trafficking
  • (2) Possession with intent to distribute
  • (3) Simple possession

Nearly every drug offense in Georgia is considered a felony, and trafficking offenses carry severe mandatory minimum prison sentences that may increase in length depending upon the quantity of drugs possessed.

Defending a Drug Charge

When defending a drug charge, attorney Tom Cain will examine whether or not Georgia law enforcement officials adhered to the Fourth Amendment when searching your property for drugs. Tom will also evaluate whether an official warrant was obtained prior to the search and seizure, as well as whether or not Georgia law enforcement officials had probable cause to search your property in the first place.

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