Hey, what did yoou d BMW E65 7-Series transformed into an overlanding vehicle  

The E65 BMW 7-Series was a famous and sometimes controversial car. One owner in Prague, 

Czech Republic turned their long-wheelbase version into a tough off-road vehicle for fun adventures.

This special car is a modified version of a BMW 730d. It used to belong to two other people before the current owner.

 BMW E65 7-Series

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 It was used by an embassy for two years. When the current owner bought it, it had driven a very long distance of 540,000 km (335,540 miles) and the transmission was broken.

 The owner probably got it for a good price because of these issues. The E65 Overland is a special kind of car that looks different from other 7-Series cars.

 It has a design on it that combines blue and silver colors with yellow and red pictures. It also has a tent on the roof and extra headlights in the front. 

car has new wheels that are made for off-road driving and tires that have good grip.

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