Does Adding a Mustang Touch Make the 2025 Ford Explorer Look Better? 

Ford has changed the way the Explorer car looks, but an artist made a drawing of it that looks like a Mustang car.

Ford recently revealed the new look of the 2025 Explorer, and we think it looks pretty cool. 

It’s not super fancy, but it has a tough and strong appearance.

 But, what if Ford made the Explorer look more like the seventh-generation Mustang? An artist named Kelsonik made two pictures that show how some parts

 of the Mustang and Explorer cars look good together, even though the cars are different.

the 2025 Ford Explorer Look Better? 

The front of the 2025 Explorer looks different compared to the older version.

 It has headlights that look like the ones on a Mustang car, which make it look cooler and more sporty.

It also has a new grille and air intakes that look like the ones on a Mustang. The hood even has special vents to keep the engine cool. 

We really like the wheels on the car. They have a pattern with five lines and are black and silver.

 The tires on the wheels are not very tall. The 2025 Explorer comes with two different engines to choose from. 

The regular one has 300 horsepower, while the more powerful one has 400 horsepower.

Ford does not sell the Explorer with the powerful engine from the Mustang, and it’s unlikely they will in the future.

 It’s also very unlikely they will make the Explorer look like the Mustang, but it’s fun to imagine!

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