Mahindra Thar Earth Edition is ready for launch in India, price is only Rs 15.40 lakh

A special version of the Mahindra Thar car called the Mahindra Thar Earth Editionn has been released in India. It costs around Rs. 15.40 lakh.

– Available in four variants

Mahindra has released a new version of their Thar car of Mahindra Thar Earth Edition collection called the Thar Earth Edition. The company says this special edition was inspired by the Thar Desert.

 It comes in four different types and the cheapest one costs Rs. 15.40 lakh (excluding showroom fees).

The new Thar Earth Edition has a special paint color, stickers that look like sand dunes, special badges, and cool wheels.

The 2024 Thar Earth Edition has a cool design with black and light beige colors, desert designs on the headrests,



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Thar logos on the doors, and shiny dark chrome details. It also has special Desert Fury-colored parts inside 

like the air vents and steering wheel. Each car will have a special number plate to make it unique.

The Mahindra Thar Earth Edition has two types of engines, one that runs on petrol and another that runs on diesel.

 It also has two options for how the car changes gears – either manually or automatically. 

People who buy this car can also choose to add extra things like special armrests, floor mats, and a comfort kit.

The following are the variant-wise prices of the Thar Earth Edition (ex-showroom):

Thar Earth Edition Petrol MTRs. 15.40 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Petrol ATRs. 16.99 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Diesel MTRs. 16.15 lakh
Thar Earth Edition Diesel ATRs. 17.60 lakh

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