The 10 Biggest Story Holes in Loki Season 2 You Should Know About

Loki Season 2 is one of the greatest recent entries in the MCU, though it should come as little surprise that it’s full of flaws and plot holes.

Story Holes in Loki Season 2
Story Holes in Loki Season 2 – tomcainatty

lots of people still really like them. Most fans think the Loki show is the best part of the Multiverse Saga. The second season starts right after the first one ends.

Loki and the TVA have to deal with the mess after He Who Remains dies. They’re trying to stop the Temporal Loom from wrecking everything, and in doing that, Loki makes a choice that wraps up his character story.

The acting and filming in season two are great, and by the end of the last episode, the Multiverse idea finally makes sense. But, unfortunately, season 2 has some big story problems. Some things could have been avoided, and some were just unnecessary.

10. Loki shouldn’t be able to enter the TVA by mistake.

Story Holes in Loki Season 2
Story Holes in Loki Season 2

The phenomena known as “Time Slipping” was first described in season 2, and it was crucial to Loki’s seeming triumph over He Who Remains.

Though theoretically He Who Remains is to blame, it should be impossible for Loki to wield such a power within the TVA. When someone is drawn across various moments in time and place, it is known as time slipping.

Time sliding in any form ought to be impossible if the TVA is located somewhere where time cannot be impacted, that is, outside of time.

It should have been impossible, but Sylvie kicked Loki through the door into the past of the TVA using He Who Remains’ TemPad, causing him to suffer Time Slipping.

9. Countless Timelines Cause Trouble for Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness

Here we see in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he introduces America Chavez. And then in the end, she decides to stay on Earth-616, which is the only version of her in the entire multiverse. The film’s main villain, Scarlet Witch, says Earth-616 is the only place where her WandaVision children don’t exist, so she leads a different kind of life.

But in Loki Season 2, everything changes when Victor talks about the infinite expansion of the timeline. Now, each timeline is its own universe in the multiverse. This means there are an infinite number of America Chávez versions. Additionally, the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch may find a universe where her children have different mothers.

8. Here Loki can stop time, but Sylvie still keeps beating him.

Loki tries to stop Sylvester from killing He Who Remains, she always wins and he continues to fail as a result. He constantly fails because she gets the better of him. The primary problem is that Loki thinks killing Sylvie is his only choice.

Loki demonstrates that he is also capable of stopping time while conversing with ‘He Who Remains’. He actually uses this power to free Sylvie. If Loki had this ability, it would indicate that he knowingly allowed Sylvester to defeat him repeatedly without any justification. He could have saved her and everyone else in TVA by freezing them.

7. He allows Sylvie to kill him, even though he can stop time.

The 10 Biggest Story Holes in Loki Season 2 You Should Know About

After Loki kills He Who Remains in the first season, it is revealed in the second season that Sylvie’s actions were part of his plan. The One Who Remains gave Loki the ability to save time because he knew what was going to happen.

There was no other option, so they speculated that Loki would eventually use this power to return at the end of time and murder Sylvie. If they had done so, the sacred timeline and all that remains would have been saved.

Loki asks him why he never attempts to stop Sylvie herself after she kills He Who Remains several times. He Who Remains chooses to freeze her in time at that very moment.

Furthermore, it appears as though He Who Remains takes Sylvie out of that specific point in time when the two converse. All along, he had the means to stop himself from dying, but he chose to let it happen for no discernible reason.

It was obvious that he wished to avoid another Multiversal War by keeping the Sacred Timeline intact. He Who Remains ought to have intervened as soon as Loki proposed destroying the Temporal Loom, even if he was just playing with him.

6. The timelines of the Yggdrasil Tree should be eaten by Alioth.

The reappearance of the Multiverse in the shape of Norse mythology’s Yggdrasil, or the tree of life, is one of the main takeaways from the conclusion of Loki season 2. Although the tree appears to be in good condition and is rather lovely, Alioth should be devouring it.

He Who Remains used the transtemporal creature Alioth, which was first revealed in season 1, to win the Multiversal War. Alioth destroys several timelines and worlds by consuming all of their substance and energy.

5. The TVA Should Not Be Able To Be Destroyed by The Temporal Loom

He Who Remains said if the Temporal Loom erased other timelines, the TVA would be gone. But he brushed it off, saying it’s okay because he can just build it again. The issue is, the TVA shouldn’t be hurt by the Loom erasing timelines.

The TVA is outside time and space. That’s why its people don’t get old, and why it turns Infinity Stones into useless rocks

4. Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes go back in time to give a young Victor Timely a TVA manual.

In episode 3 of season 2, Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes go back in time to give a young Victor Timely a TVA manual. He Who Remains sent them because he wanted Victor to be like him later on. But in one of the last scenes of the season, we see young Victor not getting the manual.

This means Victor might not be He Who Remains, but this messes up a big event. Loki only understood the infinite timeline problem because of Victor. But if young Victor never gets the manual, Loki never learns this. Without that info, Loki can’t tell He Who Remains in the finale. Without that talk, Loki doesn’t come up with the plan to destroy the Temporal Loom

3. Loki’s magic shouldn’t have the power to bring entire timelines back to life.

When Loki obliterated the Temporal Loom, all the linked timelines began to wither away. Surprisingly, Loki managed to resurrect them using his magic. In a poignant scene, he simply reached out and infused each timeline with his magical touch. It was a visually stunning and emotionally charged moment, but it contradicts Loki’s known abilities.

Loki possesses a range of powers, primarily rooted in illusions, and he can conjure objects. However, the revival of the dead isn’t within his skill set. His magic doesn’t breathe life into things; it’s more about creating illusions. If it could resurrect, Odin might have requested Loki to bring Frigga back after the Dark Elves attacked Asgard.

2. Loki’s Sacrifice Seems Rather Pointless Given Infinite Timelines

To give the Multiverse and its limitless realities a fighting chance against the variations of He Who Remains, Loki shattered the Loom. Loki had to spend the remainder of his time by himself in order to fulfill his destiny of becoming the God of Stories. Though, in theory, this is meaningless, it was a significant sacrifice.

There are an endless number of worlds in which He Who Remains prevails in Multiversal Wars, and there are an unlimited number of universes in which there is an infinite Multiverse. Since there are countless variations of the Kang, everything that Loki wished to stop would ultimately occur.

1. Season two’s Victor undergoes a transformation and is unable to become who he used to be due to Loom’s reset.

With the exception of the Scared Timeline, all timelines were erased by the Temporal Loom failsafe. This suggests a big reset brought on by the Loom. If that’s the case, He Who Remains had no need to give Victor Timely a TVA handbook.

Because the Sacred Timeline always culminates in the birth of He Who Remains, Victor was destined to build the loom and the TVA on his own, without assistance. This is why the timeline is sacred.

A different Victor could ultimately take over the title even if the Victor from season two turns into a variation and does not become He Who Remains thanks to the loom’s reset.

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