Actual mileage test results for the Kia Carens diesel iMT

All Diesel Carens cars will come with iMT as a standard feature. Diesel cars don’t come with a manual gear shift option.

 Kia Carens got a new turbo-petrol engine and a fancy X-Line trim.

 The diesel version now only comes with an iMT instead of a manual gearbox.

 It can go 21km on a liter of fuel according to the company. We tested it to see how well it actually saves gas.

We drove the big car in the city for a long distance of 75.8km. It used 5.1 litres of fuel and could go 14.9km for every litre of fuel. 

This is pretty close to what the car said it could do, which was 14.6km for every litre of fuel.

the Kia Carens diesel iMT
the Kia Carens diesel iMT

On the highway, the Kia Carens Diesel iMT mileage

The Carens did well on the test drive, using 4.8 litres of diesel to travel 91.7km. 

This means it got 19.1km for every litre of fuel, which is close to the expected mileage of 20.7km.

 This is impressive considering how heavy the car is.

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 Specifications of the Carens Diesel engine and gearbox

Last year, the diesel Carens car only had two options for changing gears – a manual one and an automatic one. 

But when new rules came in, they had to change the manual one to make it more efficient. Now, they have a special kind of manual gearbox that doesn’t need a clutch.

 The car also still has the automatic gearbox as an option. 

This new gearbox is used in the diesel Carens car with a 1.5-liter engine that makes 114 horsepower and 250 Newton meters of force.

We test cars in regular settings, like on the road, to see how they really perform. 

This is different from the numbers that are advertised in perfect conditions. 

The results we get from testing give you a better idea of what your car can actually do.

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